Sanitized Environment

Amrut Indian School takes great care for deploying all the safety measures to ensure safe & hygienic operations during the pandemic. At the entrance, AIS has installed a Disinfectant Tunnel to sanitize each person who enters the campus. The school practices strict health and hygiene measures which include regular sanitation & disinfecting of the whole campus including classrooms. All the staff members wear necessary protective equipment all the time.


Our lush green campus not only provide a mindset for quality education but also helps in maintaining the health standards the lush green outdoors. The school is equipped with a football ground, basketball ground, cricket pitch and a volleyball court. Apart from this the campus has a big swimming pool. There are two different play areas for toddlers and primary students.

The science lab, math lab and computer labs are well equipped. Students are provided with canteen facility where they will be fed with fresh, warm and nutritious food. The smart class rooms are spacious and well ventilated.


The cafeteria of our school is very spacious and properly ventilated. The cafeteria caters our students and staffs good and healthy food. Students and staff members are provided healthy and nutritious food. Also hygiene is taken care very seriously.


Our classrooms are deliberately designed to make a conductive atmosphere for the children to study peacefully. The class rooms are spacious, air-conditioned and equipped with comfortable furniture. The tables and chairs are designed to give comfort to the students. Each class room is facilitated with technical support by Tata Edge. We maintain a teacher student ratio of 1:20. Clean and comfortable classroom stimulates learning.

Computer Laboratory

Technological advancement is indispensable at any point of time. We at Amrut Indian School equip our children to adapt to the latest technology. Our computer lab is equipped with Intel Powered PCs. All the computers in our lab are loaded with all the required software to teach Junior and Senior students.

Science Laboratory

Science Lab is the place where we ignite our students mind with range of experiments. We help our students to think and question. We believe that the science lab is an important means of instruction which makes students understand the concept clearly. We have a full-fledged science lab to develop the scientific temperament of our Students.

Performing Art

AIS has its ideology of promoting extracurricular activities along with the curriculum. Children participation in cultural programs helps to develop confidence and self esteem. Our students learn Classical as well as vocal music. All the Students are not only encourage to participate in cultural activities but the teachers also make sure that all the students get an opportunity to Participate in maximum number of Programs.


Amrut Indian School has excellent fleet of buses for Students and Teachers. The school buses have proper GPS system installed in it. Every bus has a Teacher to ensure proper discipline and safety of students. All the safety measures are maintained in the buses and an escort lady is provided on the pre-primary routes. Transport is available to the students at nodal points in the city. However, door to door facility is not provided.

Art & Craft Room

In order to unearth the potential in every students, the school offers training in many artistic disciplines like Art and Craft, Painting, Drawing, Clay moulding. We design lessons for art & craft activities which covers a wide range of subjects for our little and young child artists.

Math Lab

Mathematics Laboratory in schools - Towards joyful learning. It is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts through a variety of activities using different materials. Need and purpose of mathematics laboratory

  • It helps the student to build interest and confidence in learning the topic of maths.
  • It provides opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool with all amenities like separate changing rooms for girls and boys, showers and audience seating space are available on our campus. Swimming is taught to our students not only because it is a life saving skill, but it helps students to develop stamina. Our swimming pool has two areas one with less height for the toddlers to help them get rid of fear of water and the other for students to practice various strokes. The students are guided and coached by the swimming coach under the supervision of the teachers.


Amrut Indian School